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CCS reboot script for Juniper SRX650

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I'm wanting to create a script that will reboot a Juniper SRX650.  I'm running into a problem after issuing the "request system reboot" command.  The command sequence on the Juniper appliance looks like this:

user@juniper> request system reboot
Reboot the system? [yes,no] (no)

Because no "user@juniper>" is returned, the script does not reply with the necessary "yes" statement to confirm the reboot.  In this case, a /r for a carriage return would select "no" and stop the reboot process.  Is there a way to make the script recognize the "Reboot the system? [yes,no]" prompt and reply with "yes"?  Or a way to create a delay between the "request system reboot" command and a "yes" command that would force the script to reply with "yes" no matter what?

Thanks in advance for any help!


I would recommened using the

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I would recommened using the "at" instead

user@host> request system reboot <at time> <in minutes> <media type> <message “text”>



request system reboot at 1 \r yes \( it reboots in one minute and does not error out)



If questions are asked, intersperse the answer:
Copy Run Start
Are you SureSmiley Sady/n)
Would be 
Copy run start \ry\r


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