CLI Config Collectiong - Telnet, SSH, and active sessions.

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I was wondering if there is a way to disable telnet querying for the CLI config collection. We use SSH on most our devices and have telnet disable. However, I still get the CLI Credentials error because it cannot access the device via telnet.

Is this something that can be done at a Group level?

Perhaps is there a way to set SSH as the default and if this one does not work continue with telnet?


Also, I have noticed that the netmri account I created does not logout of the device after the connection, I always get the alert of session expired or timed out. Not a big deal, but something that will be nice to tide up if possible.


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Did you ever find out

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Did you ever find out anything more on disabling telnet?  I have more or less the same question in a different post.  Starting with Telnet seems a waste of resources when most of the devices are configured with SSH.  Or if the device has been port scanned, that to could provide information as to which protocol to start using.  Meaning if port 23 and 22 are open, then sure go ahead and try telnet first.  However if 23 is not open, then SSH.



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