CPD Issue - Can't Get this rule to pass - policy-map - CISCO

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we have NetMRI with the Versvion "" and we will check Rules on a CISCO Router with "policy map"
I read the Forum entries "CPD Issues - Can't Get this rule to pass" and "Writing Rules with the CPD Editor". But there was no solution for. 
It does not also pass with "Reguired".
Required Block:
policy-map ebsVoice-In
 class ebsVoice-Signaling-IN
  set ip dscp af31
 class ebsVoice-Payload-IN
  set ip dscp ef
I also testet it with regular expresssion:
Required Block:
policy-map ebsVoice-In\r\n class ebsVoice-Signaling-IN\r\n  set ip dscp af31\r\n class ebsVoice-Payload-IN\r\n  set ip dscp ef
This Rules pass:
class-map match-any OSPF
 description OSPF Routing
 match access-group name OSPF
class-map match-any ebsAS400-Druck
 description EBS AS400 Druck
 match access-group name ebsAS400-Druck
 log config
  logging enable
  logging size 500
Why ?
Who can help me to check the policy-map ?

You may want to check out the

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You may want to check out the new ConfigBlockCheck in NetMRI 6.9 which is much more flexible than CPD.

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