Cisco AIR-CT8510-K9 : bsnAPTable not being polled

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I noticed that after upgrading to 7.2 NetMRI is able to display the access points that were connected on a wireless controller during its poll.

This works great for wireless controllers like the Cisco AIR-CT5508-K9 but is not available on the Cisco AIR-CT8510-K9. I also notice that NetMRI is only able to assure for 72% that the device is a wireless controller.

On the "Device Support" page I notice that bsnAPTable and bsnMobileStationTable are not listed as a data source.


Is there a way to add the data source "bsnAPTable" and "bsnMobileStationTable" to the device support so that the access points on that controller are also listed and available to "Switch Port Management"?


Or should I open a Device Support Request to have the assurance increased and the missing data sources added in an update?

Re: Cisco AIR-CT8510-K9 : bsnAPTable not being polled

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I seem to have solved my own issue.

I've increased the assurance to 99% by defining the hostname as a Device Hints for the 'Wireless Controller' Device Type.

And after half an hour both bsnAPTable and bsnMobileStationTable showed up as data source for data collection.


Now all AP and clients are being retrieved.

Re: Cisco AIR-CT8510-K9 : bsnAPTable not being polled

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I hadn't thought of using Device Hints for that.  I suppose that manually setting the type for each controller would have had the same effect but require lots more clicking.

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