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Custom report question

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I have had NetMRI for several months and have been extremely happy with the product.  I'm now being asked to develop some customer reports for one of our billing  people.  I have setup some custom data fields that are tied to the interfaces.  These are string fields which will only ever have 2 or 3 characters when they exist, as the customer billing code where it's needed.

I have tried unsuccessfully to use the fields directly in the report builder.  The report I want is extremely simple, but the options don't exist in the interface to do it the way I see it.  I want to include any interface where the custom field exists and is not empty, and grouped by the value of the field.  I only add the field to the ports/interfaces where it is required, so I know the ports that should be in the report when it's run.  


Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm afraid I will have to move to using th API, but the learning curve is steeper than the time I have free at the moment.



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