Custom report to find physical switches that are stack members ?

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I need to create a report with model and serial number of all my Cisco switches.

Easy enough for the big iron but as stacks of stackable switches are managed as one entity I am finding it a bit trickier.

The chassis inventory report that comes bundled with NetMRI includes the data but I really don't want to manually remove all the other items (power supplies, optics, fan's etc..)

Any input on creating a custom report I can run against the group switching to find all the stackable switches would be great.

While it's ugly I'm leaning towards a custom report and filter on model numbers I use in stacks, seems ugly but I'm not finding a more elegant solution thus my post.



Thanks in advance for any input

I'm looking at the component

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I'm looking at the component inventory of one of our cisco catalyst37xxStack switches.  The component name appears to always be a number (e.g. "1", "2", or "3") and the Class equals "chassis".  I would think you should be able to produce a filter on a report to provide the list you need.  In our network any of the stacked switches follow a naming convention on the hostname ending with "-SSWdd" where "dd" is a sequential number.  So it is easy to pick out all of the stacked switches based on the name.




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Class=chassis is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much,



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