Device Type and Device Group

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on my netmri, I modified the device group "voice" so that every device has been classified through the constructor.

I did that because our IP phones hasn't a SNMP service.

But now, my phones are classified on this group, but the device type for each, is for example "printer", so my question is :
How can I change the device type automatically for every IP phone ?


thanks for your help

Re: Device Type and Device Group

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There is no easy way to change the type for a group of devices. They can be changed one at a time from the Device Viewer. 


However, changing the device group should not change the device type of the devices. If this happened, I would recommend opening a support case. Support may narrow down a few differences between the old and the new device group settings, let's say, for example, Fingerprinting polling was enabled on one of them and disabled on the other. Reverting the change may indirectly resolve your issue. 


Since the appliance doesn't support SNMP, that limits the possibility of creating a custom DSB that will automatically map the sysObjectID to a device type. Support can still open an RFE on your behalf and check if these devices can be typed correctly, may be by using Fingerprinting. 

Re: Device Type and Device Group

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For devices without SNMP, NetMRI's Device Type is a "best effort" based on a variety of factors, potentially including information about how it was discovered, information learned from neighboring devices, fingerprinting, and port scanning.  As such, it is not always possible for NetMRI to correctly determine the Device Type for non-SNMP devices.


For a given device, the Device Type can be manually specified by opening the Device Viewer for that device, then going to Settings & Status -> General Settings, then selecting a Device Type from the dropdown list in the "Modify Device Settings" section.


There is not currently a way to perform this action for multiple devices at once.


If NetMRI is consistently showing an incorrect Device Type for your IP phones, it may be possible to correct that via an improvement to the NetMRI software.  I would recommend that you open a case with Technical Support and provide us with a Discovery Diagnostic for a few of the phones in question, so our Support team can look into that possibility.





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