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Device support bundle for any Dell switch?

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Does anyone have a Device Support Bundle for any Dell switch, they would be able to share? Alternatively does anyone know how to copy official ones out of NetMRI for editing?


I have a N3024P layer-3 switch for evaluation, which I need to return next week and I can not get it to fully recognise it on NetMRI. I have had nothing back from a support call I logged. If I could get my hands on any DSB then I might be able to edit it to at least get enough for my trial. There is an older Power Connect 7048 that is officially supported. If there were anyway to get this out of NetMRI then potentially that would be very useful.


At the moment NetMRI reports a failure to SNMP collect and a failure to login to the CLI, though logs do show successful login and data collection. There is clearly something both processes are looking for and not finding.


A few web resources such as:



suggests there used to be an infoblox download section for community written DSBs, does that no longer exist?


Re: Device support bundle for any Dell switch?

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We support Dell N3000 series switches as of 7.1.2 which just GA'd this past week.  It might be worth it to update to 7.1.2 and try again.  If it doesn't work, open a case with support and they will create a Request for Enhancement.  They will ask for the result of the Device Support Request Wizard under the Tools (wrench) button.

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