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Downstream Hub or Switch

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I have a lot of VoIP phones where there is a PC hung off the phone. 

Is there a way to allow up to 2 devices on a switch port before the "Downstream Hub or Switch" issue is triggered.  Even better is there a way to set this for only voice enabled ports?

Thank You

Re: Downstream Hub or Switch

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I had the same issue.  Opened ticket for it and also request the customized script to correct the issue.

Still waiting ... Do you find the way to work-around the issue? Please advise...

Re: Downstream Hub or Switch

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I have the same issue, we are currently running a demo verion, but are in the process of purchasing our initial round of licensing.  I was hoping we would be able to assign the particular switches where this occurs to a group/policy which would allow an increased number of macs seens based on device function (end user/voip) vs a hardline config setting since it will be managing all levels of an enterprise network.


Re: Downstream Hub or Switch

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Did anyone ever get a resolution for this?  I would like to raise the threshold to 3 devices per port so I am not alerting on interfaces that have a phone and PC connected, which is most of our environment.

Re: Downstream Hub or Switch

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Go to Settings (Gear Icon) > Issue Analysis > Issue Group Settings > By Issue (left side tab) > Interfaces > Interfaces > Downstream Hub or Switch (Info)


You will see a list of interface groups. You can edit the threshold value for a group to change it for any interface in that group. The default for this issue is "1", so setting it to "2" should do what you want.


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