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Export Equiment to Cisco SmartNet Format

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Aloha All

Would like to export all our equiment information to the Cisco SmartNet csv file? can this be done? any help would be thankfull




Re: Export Equiment to Cisco SmartNet Format

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To be precise, I think you need to tell us what fields are required for that.  There are two ways from within the UI to export device attributes -- (Custom) Reports and Network Explorer > Inventory > Device Components, both into CSV format.  You can include hostnames, IPs, "Description" (Cisco model), serial number and so on.  Reports will let you select the fields you want as well as sort criteria.  You can even schedule a report to run on a schedule and email you the result.


If your aim is a once/year snapshot for SmartNet renewal, the Inventory method is straightforward.  To get that into the field order you want you might have to massage it in Excel or other tool.


Re: Export Equiment to Cisco SmartNet Format

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Are you referring to the old Cisco Network Collector format that is now called CSPC?


My solution was to write a perl script that runs in the sandbox which generates the csv feed file to CNC (CSPC).  I know there are a lot of columns that were in the original CNC format, but very few are acutally required.  In looking at my script it only contains the device id, devicecommunity, deviceipdotted from NetMRI.  Then I hard coded in the script the username and password that CNC uses to login to the device and pull data.


Once the file is generated, I send it to the CNC appliance via scp.


Not sure if this was what you are looking for.


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