Export selected IP addresses to Infoblox CSV import format

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Hello !


I have a full /23 in IPAM and I need more IP addresses. Unforunately there is no breathing room to resize the subnet.

I would like to export all the IP addresses within this subnet and import them into a new /22 but I dont see the option to export the IPv4 Fixed address / Host data within the network to Infoblox CSV Import format. I only see this option when viewing the network list.


The only solution I see for this as of now is to manually create the CSV files.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Export selected IP addresses to Infoblox CSV import format

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There are at least two options.  Neither is easy, but probably less painful then typing up a csv.

> Use the CSV Job Manager and do an export of all your IP ranges and find the ones you need in the large CSV.

> Look at the range, make sure all the columns you need are visible, an export, manuplate the data (syntax changes to column headers along with your changes), then import.

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