Extend HA Port VLan Connectivity to close datacenter

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Dear all, 


One question regarding the HA port. 


If we have 2 DC, that are <10ms far. And we have one Infoblox appliance per DC. Can we create an HA Pair extending the HA using VLANs between the DC?


I mean :


Dev_1_Lan_1 -------> VLAN extension (L2, OTV) ------> Dev_2_Lan_1 (Standby Unit)

Dev_1_HA_Port ----->VLAN extension (L2, OTV) ------> Dev_2_HA_Port



Re: Extend HA Port VLan Connectivity to close datacenter

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While technically this is possible, it is not a configuration that is recommended by the Infoblox Architecture Review Board nor is it considered a supported configuration from a Support perspective.


The primary concern is that if there is a loss of connectivy between the two data centers both appliances will become active. This may seem like a desired scenario, however, when connectivity is restored one of the appliances will become the elected primary in the HA pair. Any dynamic or other processed changes that the other member received will be lost as they are not sync'd from the passive to the active member in an HA configuration. 


Hope that helps!

Steve S.
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