Find out which switch is down and since when

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we have a lot (<150) 7- oder 10-port Cisco switches. Since it is not easy to get an overview, I am trying to find out which switch is offline an when. So I tried a report with "discovery status last seen timestamp". But the report says, that all disconnected switches are last seen a few hours ago. If I look at the management status of the switch it says the same.

How can that be? I am sure that some of the switches are not connected foe at least two weeks.


Can anybody help me?


Tahnks in advance.


Best regards


Re: Find out which switch is down and since when

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Can you give the model number(s) of the switches in question? I would like to make sure the switch models are supported in our device support list.


Have you done a discovery diagnostics on a sample switch.  If so, what have you found? 


In the discovery section under network explorer, what are the discovery statuses starting from the 'e' column to the 'cb' column?  They should be mostly green.


Let me know so that I can help you move forward.


Thomas Lee

Technical Marketing Engineer, Infoblox

Re: Find out which switch is down and since when

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I did not see the value in the reports Smiley Sad but they are in the API


So I created the following Script to add it to a Custom Field called "Last Reboot" so you can report on it Smiley Happy


# Script-Filter:
#     true

use strict;
use warnings;

use NetMRI_Easy;

my $mem_line;
# Connect to the NetMRI
my $easy = new NetMRI_Easy;
our $device_devicereboottime;
# get the device id from the job engine.
my $device_id = $easy->device_id;

# retrieve the device
my $device = $easy->device;
# Create the custom field "Last Reboot" if it does not already exist
  model => 'Device',
  name  => 'Last Reboot',
  type  => 'string',

$easy->device->set_custom_field(last_reboot => $device_devicereboottime );

Let me know if this works for you



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