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i m looking for how can i move device from "unknown" groups to another ?


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What types of devices are in this group that you would like in a different group (e.g. Windows PCs, etc.)? NetMRI puts a device into the unknown group when it does not have enough information on the device to make an intellegent decision regarding in which group it should reside.




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Does the device support SNMP ?

Are the device credentials in your NetMRI appliances CLI and SNMP credential lists ? (Settings/Setup/Credentials)


The idea with NetMRI is to give it credentials tell it to scan network ranges and it will classify devices after it discovers and interrogates them via telnet/ssh and snmp. Of course the devices must be supported by NetMRI.

Now once NetMRI has discovered a device you will want to create groups beyond the default groups to aid in your managing the devices. The device group membership criteria are decent but you may want to put unique strings into the config of devices in one of the snmp fields.


Here are a list of criteria you can use to create device groups.


$ID unique Network Automation ID for device

$IPAddress IP address of the device (e.g.,

$Name name of the device (e.g.,

$Network name of the Network View for the device’s management IP address

$Type type of the device (e.g., Router, Switch, etc.)

$Assurance assurance level for the device type

$Vendor vendor of the device (e.g., Cisco)

$Model model of the device

$Version software version of the device

$Community SNMP community of the device

$sysName SNMP system name (CPD only)

$sysDescr SNMP system description (CPD only)

$sysLocation SNMP system location

$sysName SNMP system name

$sysDescr SNMP system description

$sysContact SNMP system contact


I use IP addressing for a lot of things for example all my branch routers have a loopback in the same /16 block of RFC 1918 address space.

Routers and switches for a special function had a unique string of text added to the SNMP sys description in their running config so creating a group for just those devices was very simple.

If you use InfoBlox for DNS have you configured your grid and NetMRI to be aware of one another ?







Re: Groups in NetMRI

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To add to the previous list.  If you are running 7+ software you can group off of custom.  $custom_ is thprefix of the membership criteria you will use.  A way to group non SNMP devices.  For example I wrote a script that copied MAC into a custom feild,  allowing me to group off of MAC via this custom feild.

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