Guidelines needed for How Many Discovery IP Ranges Possible with a single appliance

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Hello -

Does anyone have any guidelines for best practice concerning the optimial number of Discovery IP Ranges an appliance can have before exceeding limits?  I've looked that the CollectAllLogs dump and it appears that NetMRI is only processing a /16 subnet every 6 or 7 hours.  It never seems to get through the entire list of subnets we have before the weekly restart.  I do have a case opened concerning this, with no resolution as of yet.



Generally, we recommend

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Generally, we recommend keeping the discovery ranges to less than a thousand or so. More than that can slow the discovery process. though it depends on the size and the specific breakdown of ranges and CIDRs. 

We have only 357 ranges set,

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We have only 357 ranges set, and 272 of them are /16, a single /17, and the rest are /24's, /22, etc.  So, with the logs only showing it getting through about 4 subnets each day is definitely a problem.  Do you agree?



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