HP Pro Curve reboot Job

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I try to create a job, based on the config templates, that allows me to schedule a reboot of a HP Pro Curve Switch. The command that I need is "boot". So far so good. But now the switches ask wheter I realy want to reboot it. You have to confirm that with a "y", thats all.

So I my template is:



But my the job allways fails with a timeout error ans in the logs I can see that the "boot" comando was right set but the confirmation fails. 

Does anybody know, how I could fix this?

\r will add a carriage return

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\r will add a carriage return.

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I had the same issues on a

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I had the same issues on a Cisco command.  I was able to use \n for the enter and it worked.  I did learn from a different issue that if you are put this into an input field you need to enter it as \\\n.   

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