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HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed

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I have recently upgraded to 7.3.1 and added the new API version to the Windows server.

I had a test script that worked in previous versions (although I cant remember the last time I tried them).


However, when I run the Perl script, it responds with 

HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed: https://<IPaddress>/api/base_uri.json?version=2.0.0 at line 126.


Line 126 refers to;

my $netmri = new NetMRI::API( api_version=>'auto', username=>'user', password=>'password', url=>'IPaddress');


This is an area I dont have much experience with so any suggestions would be helpful.







Re: HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed

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Forgot to mention that I have the line, $ENV{'PERL_LWP_SSL_VERIFY_HOSTNAME'} = 0;


Running on Windows2008 R2 server.



Re: HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed

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Ingmar Community Manager
Community Manager
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Which version of Perl and in particular, which version of SSLeay? 

We did not make any recent changes that would cause this to be introduced


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Re: HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed

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We did learn that 7.3.1 dropped support for a couple really old ciphers, but Windows 2008 shouldn't have that limitation.  Perhaps it's due to this advisory in the 7.3.1 release notes:


"If using external authentication over SSL, ensure it supports TLS 1.2. prior to upgrading NetMRI."

Re: HTTP 500 SSL negotiation Failed

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Hi Ingmar, 

Thanks for the prompt. Pointed me in the right direction - realised that there were 2 different versions of Perl. Pointed the scripts and IIS handler mapping to the newer (Strawberry Perl) and this fixed the issue.


Currently the version of OpenSSL is 1.0.2h - at least thats the one in the Windows environment. Not sure if this is impacting the API calls - seems to pull the data correctly now.





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