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How To Create A Custom Report For Broadcast Counts in NetMRI

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I'm not certain if there is a report in place that can be modified or if I need to create a custom report to allow for this. I apologize if this is a bit basic, I'm fairly new to the world of the NetMRI so I'm figuring things out along the way here.


I'm attempting to select certain ports that run through specific VLANs to alert if they exceed a certain amount of broadcasts per second/minute/hour/day/whatever. I was trying to do something with minimal user intervention after the report or job is created to alert of any thresholds being crossed routinely (ie. 75 broadcasts per second). 


I know the NetMRI records the number of broadcasts going through interfaces and I can go through and check the interfaces manually, but if I could put that information into a report that says If Device X Interface Y has Broadcast > Z alert via email...or something along those lines.


Any help, direction, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Re: How To Create A Custom Report For Broadcast Counts in NetMRI

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I don't know an easy way to do that with a report. But you could create interfaces groups based on whatever criteria identify them, and then modify the regular "high broadcasts" issue threshold for just those groups, for both the warning and info severity levels. I've done this for interfaces to CableCo ISPs, where the large layer 2 domain overlays many customer layer 3 subnets causing tons of ARP broadcasts to be received by disinterested routers.
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