How to Exclude User Access to Certain Group

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Hi All,

I have a device group called GroupA.  I need a way to grant user access to all groups but GroupA.

The problem is, the other groups, GroupB, C, D may contains devices in GroupA.

If I grant GroupB, C, D to users, then users have access to devices in GroupA.

Is there anyway around this beside doing "not memberOf" in each GroupB,C,D member definition.



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If groups B, C, and D contain devices that are also in group A, and you give users access to groups B, C, and D; then they will be able to see all devices in those groups, even if they happen to be in group A as well.

If you don't want the users to see any devices in group A, you need to reevaluate your group membership criteria so there is no overlap, or create some more specific groups that you can give the users access to that don't include devices that are in group A.

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