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Job to automatically save running configuration

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I am attempting to create an automated job for issue Config Running Not Saved.

Ideally, whenever this issue is found, it could email an alert. Then I would like to schedule a nightly job to wr mem on all IOS devices where there is a config mismatch.

Is this possible?

You can configure an email

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You can configure an email alert when the issue fires in Settings > Notifications > Subscriptions; click the Add Notification button.

I don't think there is a way to run a single nightly job against "all devices with this issue" without using an external Perl script to query the API and schedule the job with that specific list of devices. 

You CAN however, use a triggered job on the issue firing, in addition to the notification. This would create a job each time the issue is raised. The job can execute immediately or be scheduled and require approval.


Ok thanks. I think we will

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Ok thanks. I think we will just do the triggered job. I wanted to avoid doing writing memory to a device that someone is actively making changes on.

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