Kudos to John Belamaric for his participation in this forum!

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John Belamaric,

I greatly appreciate how you have jumped in with such prompt and thorough responses to all the new forum topics.  The Perl and CCS examples have been very helpful, and especially the two undocumented CCS directives.  (We asked for error trapping YEARS ago!)


Hi Marty, I second your kudos

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Hi Marty, I second your kudos - Fantastic job John! 

If any other user feels the same way, please add a comment and/or like the post by clicking on the thumbs up at the top left of Marty's post. 


John's definitely got my vote

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John's definitely got my vote.  He has been great help in times of need.  And so has Sif!!!

Thank you.


Kudos to Sif!

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Kudos to Sif as well!!

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