Last Steps to Infoblox 7.2.5 Integration with VMware vRA 7

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I have a POC environment where we have installed the latest version of the Infoblox Plugin for vRealize Automation 7.0. We have all of the workflows imported, NIOS exists in our vRO inventory, and we have successfully run the workflows to create the necessary Property Groups in vRealize Automation.


I think we are missing the step where we update certain Property Inputs within the vRA Property Groups to force the NIOS Integration workflows to fire when we deploy VMs from vRA. The User Guide becomes a bit vague on the minimum requirements once you get to this point. 


I'm wondering the following:


1. It looks like we have all of the vRealize Orchestrator pieces in place (including Workflow Stubs) but I'm curious if anything is missing on the INSTALL portion of the integration.

2. I suspect (actually I hope) that I'm simply not entering the minimum inputs for the integration to activate. At the moment, when we do deployments in vRA, the are successful EXCEPT that none of the Infoblox vRO workflows even attempt to run. 


What am I missing?

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