Looking for module in Perl API for listing Component information

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I am trying to create a report that includes the Chassis Serial number, which I believe to be only found in the Components.  I cannot find any Perl API module that accesses component information.  Anyone know where this can be found?




That's the DevicePhysical

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That's the DevicePhysical model. One way to get a better idea of these is to go to the API documentation page, and click on the "API Data Strutures" page.  This page lists out all of the available models with a short description for each.

You can also click on API Index and enter "serial" in the search box to find this.

Perfect! Thanks John - I don

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Perfect! Thanks John - I don't know how I missed that.  I probably searched for "Serial" and not "Component" on that page.


...also thanks for the near real time response!


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