Make NetMRI scripts read only

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Looking at the API model for scripts, they have a read only field. Is there any way we can set our own scripts to read only?


We would like to start deploying some of our scripts via a continious delivery system and hence wouldn't want users to be able to modify the scripts manually.

Re: Make NetMRI scripts read only

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Please open a case or reach out to your account team to file this as a Feature Enhancement



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Re: Make NetMRI scripts read only

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Sif is correct. We may need to open an RFE to add such a flag to the Script.


However, we may have a workaround to this. To edit/save a script in NetMRI, a user needs to have the Privilege "Scripts: Author". If you remove this privilege from a user, he can't edit/save any scripts in NetMRI.


He can still run the existing scripts in NetMRI, provided he has the privilege for "Scripts: Level 1", "Scripts: Level 2" and "Scripts: Level 3".


Hope this helps !

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