Modify a default issue's severity in NetMRI

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Hi there,

Is there any way to modify an issue's score/severity? As an example the "down device" is currently on the info section but I'd like to make it an error.


Re: Modify a default issue's severity in NetMRI

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You may not modify packaged issue severities, however:

1) some issues have multiple severities you can control thresholds for.

2) in some cases you could suppress/disable the packaged issue, and replace it with a "custom" issue you define using a job run against devices directly, or simply against the data in NetMRI (without directly touching devices) or both.

For the down device issue, it is intentionally an "info" level alert because we have not applied fault management practices for veritying the device is down.  We are only bringing attention to the fact that we can't reach it.  I suspect you could write a job/custom issue which recurringly scanned NetMRI data to alert on devices with that unreachable status and make it a higher severity if you wish.



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