Nested Device Groups -> Name -> Router -> Switch

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I'm trying to do Nested Device Groups and having issues.  I followed the logic of the other thread (the children should have the parent attributes in common).  I'm good with that.  But I setup a new Device Group (Location - Dallas) with the syntax of:

  $Name like /dal/i


To catch any device on our Org with the word Dal in it (Dal-rtr01, Dal-core01, etc).


I've created it, it doesn't appear to be doing much of anything.  I'm not sure if there's a Regex tester or a search tool to see if I'm doing this right.  


Any suggestions are appreciated.


Re: Nested Device Groups -> Name -> Router -> Switch

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The syntax you used -- $Name like /dal/i -- looks correct.  Is this group perhaps "nested" inside a group with criteria that excludes the Dallas devices?


It might take as much as a few hours for the group to populate.  If it has been significantly longer than that, I would suggest opening a Support ticket for this, so we can investigate in more detail.  


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