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NetBios Scan?

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Hello all On our NetMri I have enabled NetBios scanning at both global and Group level. It get's very few Netbios host names, i'd say it see's around 10% of the total host names. If i use Softperfect Network scanner it catches all Netbios name with no problem. I need to get this working, as NetMri delivers data to our Ipam. What can i do to have the NetMri see all Netbios names on our Network? I have entered a /8 Network. Does it have anything to do with the sizing og the scanned ares? Looking forward to any reply! Best rgd's /Vejling - Denmark


You should open a case with

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You should open a case with support, NetBIOS should work with out an issue.  Their might be something else going on.

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