NetMRI 7.0.5 - Rules & Policies with device filter does not correctly appl multiple group membership

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This is just a heads up from a recent TAC case I opened.


If you specify a device filter in rules or policies (always a good idea!),

and you include the device attribute of group membership,

and you list more than one group name, separated by commas with a trailing space,

the membership will not be correclty evaluated.


Easy workaround -- omit the spaces and use only a comma separator.


Another minor annoyance is that if you delete one entry from a sequence, the boolean expression is not updated to delete that entry.

E.G., boolean expression = 1 and 2 and 3

  delete #2

You must manually edit the expression to "1 and 3".


Both are expected to be fixed in some future version of NetMRI.

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