NetMRI Backup using SCP server

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Dear Team,


I have windows server 2008 and I tried many SCP application to host SCP services but nothing work .


Can anyone advise application is working with him to schedule backup by NetMRI

Re: NetMRI Backup using SCP server

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Any SCP server that supports recursive copy should work fine for the backups. I believe, as of now,  Solarwinds server doesn't support this and you may have issues using that.


Please also make sure that the user account should have write permissions on the folder used as a copy destination.

Re: NetMRI Backup using SCP server

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Try scping to the windows box from the SANDBOX on NetMRI


SSH into NetMRI Admin Shell

Then run "sandbox login"


This will give you access to a Linux VM from from the prompt try to SCP to the windows server.

You might want to check the Firewall on the Windows box as well



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