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NetMRI Custom Report Wizard

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In creating a custom reort I came across these options. What are they and what do they mean? 

Device collection status: Config

Device collection status: Access

Device collection status: Inventory

Device collection status: InventoryInd

Device collection status: System

Device collection status: SystemInd

Device collection status: Config



If you point your mouse over

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If you point your mouse over each one, it should pop-up a tool tip with a description. This works in the drop-down menus on the filter and sort panels of the wizard, but not in the field-picker that lets you choose multiple fields, for some reason.

You can also see these same objects and their definitions in the API documentation by going to Tools Icon > Network > API Documentation (or navigate directly to /api/docs on your NetMRI). You can go to API Index and search for device, and click on the device model. From there you can drill into those fields.

I just did that though and in this case the descriptions are somewhat lacking. Here's a better answer:

For each type of data, the <type>Ind field will contain N/A, Error, OK, or be blank (in contrast to pretty much every other *Ind field in the API, which usually means it is strictly boolean). The field (actually a method call) named <type> will map those values into on/off. "on" means NetMRI is trying to collect that type of data from that device (it will be "on" even if it encountered an error). "off" means that NetMRI does not try to collect that type of data from that device. This could be due to device type, being a partially support device, or I believe due to licensing as well.



Re: NetMRI Custom Report Wizard

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There is a new Analytics & Reporting area on the forums that now has over 50 custom reports you can utilize in your environment.  Highly recommend checking it out.







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Re: NetMRI Custom Report Wizard

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Eric, those do look useful, although they all appear to be for NIOS, not NetMRI.

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