NetMRI Path Analysis

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Running NetMRI 7.1.2 - I'm trying to learn the path analysis tools and also to find out if NMRI has a port/interface version of traceroute and report if there are any errors experienced along the way.


Users are complaining of connectivity issues to a Server, we need NetMRI to trace the path their computers take from Sw1 through the core router to Server Sw9 and report any issues found. 


This is a Cisco network, denoted as such with interfaces/terminology. 


Example: Switch 1 to Sitch 9 across a routed link. 




gi 1/1/1 






Also, with L2/L3 Most likely hop:

I pick Switch 1 - 

Then I pick switch 9 -


You have picked a device group that does not include the end device because of the device filter


I can get L3 to work between VRF switches, but testing other L2/L3 does not really work (error above) 


I also get this error with Path Analysis:

ERR: Path start virtual network member id could not be determined.


What is going on?

Any tips on how to effectively use this tool?

Are there any user-guides that do step-by-step on how to use NetMRI like this?

Re: NetMRI Path Analysis

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This questions above will require troubleshooting and Infoblox TAC is better equiped to address the issues in this posting.

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