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NetMRI Perl Script to access NIOS API.

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I have attempted to create a very simple script in NetMRI to get some data from the NIOS system.  It is my first time working both with a NetMRI Perl script and the NIOS API.   I have looked for an example of a script that would just get some thing from NIOS and have not found one in it's entirety.  At this point I don't care if it is a DNS/DHCP/ or IPAM get.   

I have used the CCS scripting and understand the platform. I used to use Perl years ago, and can get it to do most of what I want.  However the combination of these system is just throwing me for a loop.  I think a simple example will get me moving in the right direction.  

Thank you for your assistance.  


This can be good start:

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This can be good start:

# Script-Filter:
#     true

# NetMRI_Easy nios session example
use strict;
use warnings;
use NetMRI_Easy;

my $easy = new NetMRI_Easy({ nios_api => 1 });

# returns an instance of Infoblox::Session
My $nios_session = $easy->nios_session;


For the nios_api => 1 option

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For the nios_api => 1 option to work (without having to specify the GM and credentials), you must register the Network Automation appliance with NIOS. Instructions can be found in the NIOS Admin Guide, Chapter 2 > The Task Dashboard > The Network Automation Task Pack.

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