NetMRI User Audit Log Enhancement Possibility?

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Hello everyone -


It is common for us to need a script to show some device attribute then to scrape and parse data from the session and determine if an issue needs to be created from the data.  Overall, not an unusual case to use NetMRI.


Those scripted job sessions are readily available via the API, or the script can save the output to a file in the sandbox.  Nothing new so far.


Now the new stuff -

Wouldn't it be nice to have the session output available from the Device Viewer presented similar to the archived configs, or even the user audit logs?  That way the output is available to all to browse when needed, and also if an API is developed to access the session logs (by Device), the data could be consumed by Tableau or other scripts.


I think an easy way to implement this could be some indicator when scheduling a job to output the session logs back to the user audit logs.  I was not able to find any API calls that can extract the user audit logs.  Do any exist?  If not this too would need to be created.


Is any of this possible today? Thoughts anyone?  Is it useful?




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