NetMRI device list error

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Hello all,


I face a problem with our NetMRI for which I could not find a solution.


When I do a Config Search and get more then 10 results these results are divided up in several pages.

Now I select all and klick on the button "select all XXX decives" so all devieces from all pages are selected.

This far everthings woks as it should. But when I now klick on "Shedule Job" all I get is an error: "Error getting deivce list"


So it is not possible to select devices over several pages and shedule a job for them anymore.

I tried different searches and settings and even a reboot of NetMRI but it did not change anything.


Does anybody have the same error (and maybe a solution?)

Config Search -> multi-page selection gives "Error getting device list"

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I had the identical symptom in 7.0.  At the time, I needed to get a job run on all of the matched devices so I did them one page at a time.  I meant to open a case on it but didn't yet.  It's definitely a bug.

Re: Config Search -> multi-page selection gives "Error getting device list"

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Thanky you, MAdkins.


So... I think I will open a case for that now. ;-)

Re: NetMRI device list error

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This is actually a known bug tracked internally as NETMRI-25478 which has a hotfix available for 7.0.2.The hotfix cannot be attached here (due to file restrictions) however its name is I have attached a copy of the hotfix to this post as "v7.0.2-NETMRI-25478.gpg". You can copy it to the NetMRI (via SCP) and apply it via the "autoupdate v7.0.2-NETMRI-25478.gpg" command.

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