NetMRI performance statistics not working

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For some reason I'm not getting performance statistics in Netmri.  Network Analysis>Performance>Interfaces shows nothing.  I'm choosing All Devices under Device Group, and there is no data.  I have checked to make sure I have SNMP Collection, and Collect Performance and Environmental data checked under Collection and Groups.  I have checked to make sure SEPC is checked for all devices under Groups, but still nothing.  AFAIK I don't have any issues with discovery, I have greens checks aross the board for most devices.  


I have also turned on Performance and Statistics gathering under interface groups as a test, and still nothing.

Re: NetMRI performance statistics not working

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I would suggest opening a case for this as that data should be definitely populate

Re: NetMRI performance statistics not working

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I would also recommend another test. On the performance page, use the date selector and check if the data is seen for any of the previous date or if anything shows up on the weekly option.


If yes, possibly, the interface group polling settings for Switchport should be adjusted as per your need.


You have already mentioned that all other relevant settings are checked. If the problem persists, please open the support case and the needful will be done.

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