NetMRI - port counters in custom reports

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Is it possible to include switch port counters in custom reports on NetMRI?


We have an issue with some PCs sending out masses of multicast traffic, so I want to know either which interfaces are the top talkers over 24 hours or list all ports with over 1 million multicast/broadcast packets.


Looking at interface performance, you can get to that information on a per-switch basis, but I can not find it in a reporting field.


Does anyone know if there is a guide or list, detailing all the fields available? A website where you can do a quick search would be useful.

Re: NetMRI - port counters in custom reports

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In general, custom reports uses the same object model as the API. You can visit: https://netmri/api/docs (you need to be authenticated) and search in there in the Index tab. Most of the things available in the API will be available in custom reports.

Unfortunately, I just looked and I don't see the interface performance statistics in the custom reports - I will look into whether we can add that.

In the meantime, you can use the API to get this information:


will return daily performance stats for each interface that has more than 10,000 outbound multi-cast packets in a given day.

You would then need to take the DeviceID and ifIndex values there and lookup the device and interface in their respective APIs:



Clearly this is more painful than a report, but it can get you what you need right now.

Note that by default I think interface performance statistics are only collected on trunk ports. You would have to adjust the settings in the Interface Groups section of the Setttings -> Collectors and Groups -> Groups -> Interface Groups. If you are seeing those stats elsewhere in the app, then it is already enabled.

Re: NetMRI - port counters in custom reports

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Thanks for that, I will give that a go.


If performance stats in reports could be added to the development list, I'd appreactiate that.


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