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NetMRI summary custom reports

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Is it possible to create summaries in NetMRI custom reports? I can not see anything obvious.


One simple example is I have many models of switches, along with many firmware versions. I can produce a report of 'switch name, model, OS', however what I really want is:

Model, OS, Count of that model and OS combination


You can almost get that by doing an export on Network Explorer -> Inventories -> Models or OSs, however you do not get all the information together. We also have the issue with our switches where one model may have more than one OS installed on our campus and one OS may apply to more than one model of switch.


Re: NetMRI summary custom reports

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I don't think that is doable via reporting, but you can access the data via API or use filters and then Export out the data in to a CSV.





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Re: NetMRI summary custom reports

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No way to do this with custom reports.


You could do this using excel using pivot tables ...

First create a report with 3 columns: vendor, model, and OS.

The export it into excel...

To do the counts right, you'll need to add a column in excel with all 1's.

Then you'd select the 4 columrns (vendor, model, OS, and the 1's column), and make it into a pivot table.

The pivot table automatically summarizes counts per category.





Re: NetMRI summary custom reports

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Depending on your ultimate purpose for the reports, you might be able to get by with creating some basic device groups.  We use these to track which devices are running our desired baseline IOS and ones that are not.  A simple custom report (Data Type = Devices, Gallery = Asset) shows "IP Address, Name, Type, Model, OS Version" for all of the "non-compliant" devices.  Obviously that does *not* provide a total or roll up.


If there aren't too many permutations of model and code version, you could define a group for each combination.  E.G.,

DG "2960X switches" has a definition of $Type eq "Switch" and $Model eq "cat29xxStack" and $sysDescr like /C2960X/.

DG "2960X 15.2(2)E4" with a definition of $memberOf ["2960X switches"] and $sysDescr like /15\.2\(2\)E4/.  Or in our case we want "2960X not running 15.2(2)E4".


The device groups make it easy to select the devices that require an upgrade and to execute a script against just those to do that.

Re: NetMRI summary custom reports

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Thanks for the responses. I think a spreadsheet and a pivot table is the way forward. We do use the group methods MAdkins suggested to try and keep everything on the same firmware. Where my particular example of a summary report would be useful is when working out what is on the NetMRI support list and what is not and getting the support requests submitted.


There have been a few other times when summaries or counts of various objects would have been useful. I'll export the data for now, but submit a RFE to Infoblox as a nice to have. I can see how it might make the report builder wizard messy, which is perhaps why the function does not exist!

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