NetMRI won't check policy compliance

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Hello all,

Currently we have configure some rules and policies checking for basic compliance on our network devices.

A few months ago, I configured some and they worked fine... I saw devices with warnings, pass, and error.  However, we recently deployed more policies and they show as Deployed on the devices... but it seems that NetMRI is not checking for compliance.
We know that a change on a device or after day, NetMRI will trigger a compliance policy check. This has not happen yet....

I had rebooted the appliance and even updated to latest Network Automation Version 6.7

Any ideas on how to force this check or where may I verify for the proper settings?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Re: NetMRI won't check policy compliance

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Hi SGarcia,


You were able to use NetMRI to push configuration to switches? Is there an example/guide you can share with me? As I'm struggling to use NetMRI to push configuration/policies/rules. Not sure you are still an Active user but I hope you see this and appreaciate your help on this.


Thank you.



Isaac Liew

Re: NetMRI won't check policy compliance

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What type of group are the devices in?  For checking policies I believe they need to be extended groups instead of basic groups.  Also make sure in the deployment you have the right groups checked for that particular policy.  What does the results of the policy checking look like?



Re: NetMRI won't check policy compliance

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    I would also check and make sure that NETMRI is pulling the latest configs for the devices. If this is not happening, check your CPP and VTY line acls are including the ip of your NETMRI. Also, make sure that your default (or specifically configured per device) CLI credentials are correct.

Thank you,


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