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NetMri cert

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Hi all,


Can someone point me how to upload my cert to netmri ? I cannot find documentation online





Re: NetMri cert

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Read the section in the admin guide titled "Network Automation Security Settings".  You can download that doc in the Support Downloads area.  And it's also available in the built-in help.


Re: NetMri cert

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From the Admin Guide Smiley Happy


To install a CA certificate, do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings icon –> General Settings –> Security page and click the CA Certificates tab.
  2. Click Import.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter a logical name for the new certificate.
  4. Click Browse to locate the certificate file.
  5. Click Import to import the CA certificate to Network Automation. The certificate is added to the appliance. The newly imported CA Certificate will appear in the table in the CA Certificates tab after import is complete.

To install an HTTPS certificate, do the following:

This process involves two tasks: generating the CSR and sending it to the CA, and importing the new certificate from the CA.

Using SSH or SCP, connect to the Network Automation Administrative Shell and enter the following command:
                         configure certificates
  2. When prompted to select the certificate type, select https.
  3. When prompted for an action, choose 1. Generate CSR.
  4. When prompted to enter information for the CSR, the only required field is Common Name. You must enter the IP address or hostname of the Network Automation appliance. All other fields are optional.
  5. When the appliance generates the CSR, copy the text, as shown in the example, and paste it into the Certificate Request page of the site from which you are requesting a certificate.












When you receive the CA-signed certificate, upload it to the appliance and activate it. Note that the certificate must be in PEM format and the file must have a .crt extension.

  6. In the Settings icon –> General Settings –> Security page, click the CA Certificates tab.
  7. In the HTTP Certificate section, click Upload...

A message dialog appears:

The Network Automation HTTP and HTTPS server settings are about to be updated and the web server restarted. If the Network Automation web server becomes inaccessible as a result of these changes, login to the Network Automation admin shell using SSH and run the command configure http to update the web server settings. Do you wish to proceed?

  8. Click Yes to proceed.
  9. In the Upload dialog box, click Browse... for the .PEM-format certificate file, select the file, and then click Upload.

The HTTPS Certificate section updates with the new information.

To configure HTTP/HTTPS settings, do the following:

  1. In the HTTP Settings panel, enable or disable HTTP.
  2. Enable or disable HTTPS. If enabled, then click, CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select Cipher Suites.
  3. Click the Update button. 
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