Netmri Custom and Report multiple data type

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I'm trying to use Custom Report with Netmri (Under Report Gallery).

As you create the Report you can choose only one Data Type (i.e) VLAN, this limit in the information you can Disply in the report for exemple Device name (that is under another Data Type).


Where I'm doing wrong ? There is another way to build custom reports ?


Thank'you in advance.

Re: Netmri Custom and Report multiple data type

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The Interface oriented datatypes may give you more of what you need.

Those should have Device and Vlan available.

Re: Netmri Custom and Report multiple data type

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See the attached, page 14.  You have access to the full object model, but to simplify, when you choose a Data Type, the objects displayed in the filter and fields to dislay are typically limited objects that are just one relationship away from the chosen data type.  See the link in bullet three of page 14.


Let us know what you want the report to look like and we can give you some tips.  For instance, if you want a list of all devices and the VLANs that are on them, you can just select the "Devices by VlanName or VlanIndex" Data Type and then select all the field.

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