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Network Automation 6.8.4 GA announcement - includes 3 new features requested by customers!

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Log into the support site.  The files are located in the Downloads > Latest Product Releases in the "Network Automation (and NetMRI)" section. 

Customers running Network Automation 6.8.3 and earlier are strongly encouraged to update their systems to this release at their earliest opportunity.

Note that this release is also a cumulative release — it includes upgrade paths from 6.6.3, 6.7.3, 6.8.1, 6.8.2, or 6.8.3.  Customers at an earlier release must first upgrade to one of these listed releases before applying the 6.8.4 upgrade.

This release includes the following new features requested by customers:

  • Download config templates to a text file — enables downloading a previously defined config template as a text file for use in hand-configuring an undiscovered device.
  • New Discovery Status report — A new report in the Assets category allows you to select one or more device groups and show timestamps and last actions for the discovery of each device.
  • New Config Change Audit report – A new report in the Change & Config category allows you to select one or more device groups and receive a summary report of config changes made to a group of devices over a specified time period.

Please consult the Release Notes for full information on these features as well as lists of new devices supported and resolved issues.

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