Notifications for NetMRI discovery errors?

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In NetMRI 7.1.4, I would like to send out an email notification anytime a device has a status of Error for Reached Status, SNMP Credentials Status, or CLI Credentials Status, as seen in Network Explorer > Discovery.


I've looked at the Comprehensive Issue List and see the Down Device, Unknown Community Strings, and Unknown Password Configured issues, but these seem to only get raised on Licensed devices (and so would not get triggered for devices that were never reachable and/or failed all attempted credentials).


If anyone could point me in the right direction or has any other ideas, I would really appreciate the help. 



Re: Notifications for NetMRI discovery errors?

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Hi ,


Since you need an email notification too, I have created a custom report. You can import the attached report at Reports>Report Gallery. You can schedule this report on a daily/weekly basis. This will also send out an email notification.


Before scheduling the report, please run this one and check if this satisfies your requirement

Re: Notifications for NetMRI discovery errors?

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Thanks for the help! I did not think about doing it as a report, but this will work fine.


Thanks again,

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