Obtaining results of fingerprinting End Hosts

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I was wondering if it was possible to obtain the information that Network Automation obtains through an NMAP port scan? In the Discovery tab of Network Insight, the Last Action column shows the results of fingerprinting (Fingerprint: Successfully fignerprinted / Ports open: 5 / OS: Unknown). Is there a way to see which ports Network Automation had found open for each end host in a particular grouping? I know that I can see the type for a particular workstation, and within the device viewer I can see the results of the port scan, but I need to be able to export that information for all the end hosts.   

Something along the lines of: 
IP Address | Name | Ports Open | OS | testhost | 22/tcp | Micrsoft Windows XP





I think you'll get what you

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I think you'll get what you need from 


Network Insight -> Summaries -> Ports (left hand side) -> View All Ports


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