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Howdy folks, I'm wondering how other customers are making the decision to upgrade software running on Network Automation. The reason I ask, is because I've found that the upgrades that I've done to solve one problem, ends up closing out several other open issues that I have with the previous version of software. 

Typically we hold to an internal policy of upgrading system or device software where there is a verified bug we have experienced, or a new feature that we need to implement. Do most other customers follow the same policy with Network Automation, or have people planned/executed an upgrade regadless of the fixes or new features?





We have been challenged with

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We have been challenged with a similar environment.  However, most of the releases seem to have fixes that always help us out, and when it comes to getting support to fix an issue, it is far more convienient to troubleshoot when on the latest release.  So, what we are trying to implement is a monthly upgrade cycle, unless it is a hotfix to resolve an immediate need or issue.  For all changes we have to follow an RFC process (Request for Change) that gets reviewed by our network peers and approved before we are allowed to make any changes in the environment.  Planning ahead is a must!

Hope you find this useful,


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