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Override config retrieval script

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Is there a way to override the config retrieval script for a certain device model?

And is there a way to react to the output of the configuration file and filter some text out?


You can disable config

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You can disable config collection from a device group level.  Can you further explain 'override'?

You can't mask data in the retrieved config.  I'm not sure that would be useful in this kind of tool- can you explain in more detail what you are looking to filter?


dynamic config

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On certain wireless controllers I have a lot of error messages archived instead of the config file.

On anchor controllers I do not want to take the local guest users into the config archive. Due to the guest user account being part of the configuration these devices have lots of archived config files per day. I want to filter out the guest users before it compares the configuration to the older archived file before it decides to archive the newly retrieved configuration.


In NetMRI 7.0, you can

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In NetMRI 7.0, you can achieve this via a DSB. You can now access a mechanism to filter out lines for comparison purposes, but still store those lines in the archived config.


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