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As the titel suggests i have a question regarding patchmanagement and mostly detection. In the company i work at we are running 2 Infoblox machines. I'm working actively at implementing patchmanagement as our company wants reports about patch status. There's no need to do automatic patching we just want the status and if there are new patches available. I've been looking at tools like Nessus and a solarwinds solution, but these give no information if they support Infoblox systems. So my question is are there tools available that can scan infoblox systems for their patch status? The goal of the solution is to generate a report about patch status.


Apologies if this is the wrong forum.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Patch management/ detection

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There are no tools that would be able to scan Infoblox and get any information about the patch status.  The closest you could come is if the tool were able to identify the version of NIOS and then know something about it's status based on that version and build.  Your best bet is to remain current with your version of NIOS.


There are KB articles on the support site that you can subscribe to which will automatically update you when new versions of Infoblox NIOS are posted to the support site.  From there, you could review the current release notes to determine what changes have occured (and any new features that were added as well).  Once you've reviewed that information, you can decide whether to upgrade or patch as appropriate.



There's usually a patch or new version of code about once every month or two overall.  The longer code has been out, the less often it's patched.  The more recent code is generally patched more frequently.

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