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Policy Compliance Status Changed to Unknown.

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I am just wondering what kind of conditions will change a policy status from known status (pass/warning/error/info) to 'unknown' status.  We have several devices over satelite connection and hourly config collections may sometimes fail.  We notice these devices are often to have 'unknown' status in their policy (Even though they had a configuration in Config Explorer Archive within past month days).


I am wondering if there is a way to make policy compliance check only the last known good configuration, regardless how old they are.



It will go to Unknown when it knows the configuration has...

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It will go to Unknown when it knows the configuration has changed (typically from SNMP for Cisco and Juniper devices), but it has not successfully collected a configuration file since the change. 

I do not think there is any way to modify this behavior. 

Thanks John!

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I think you answer our question.

Since there is not a way to change this behavior, I am going to assume to change this behavior will require we ask for a RFE?

Yes, you'll need to ask for

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Yes, you'll need to ask for an RFE.

Seems like the current behavior is correct

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To me, it seems like the current behavior is the accurate and desired one:

1) The ccmHistory values indicate that the config has been changed but
2) Config collection has not succeeded since then.

"Unknown" seems to fit that condition quite aptly.

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