Port Saturation Report

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Appologies if this has been discussed but first time using NetMRI and the forum so any help appreciated :-)


Can someone please advise what criteria the standard port saturation reports use to pull data from the switches.


I ask because the report does not correlate with what is actually physcially on the switch,


eg I have 48 ports on switch but the report is showing only 36 ports


I have used all the search fields both individually and as  a group but still the same

Re: Port Saturation Report

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I believe this is about the "Port Saturation Summary" Report. The last page of the report should have "Port Usage Details" list. This should give you the details of all the included ports in that report. Generally, this looks for interface types like "ethernet-csmacd". There are a few exceptions to this type too. Excluded ports may include routed ports with IP address, etc. 



Hope this helps !

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