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I have a general question regarding CPD and the function of the "required" block. I've run into this in a couple of rules. I had assumed that "required" meant that this was what you wanted the interface to look like, but it could also look like an "optional" block. However, it seems that the rule runs as though the "required" block has to be there or it will fail.

Required means that if the

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Required means that if the exact match isn't found at least once on the device, it will fail the policy.  Optional means just that and is used with the logic that I commented on specifically for your serial question.  Optional is used with "OR" logic. 



Re: Required means that if the

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Use XML instead.

Just taking this opportunity to emphasize / share that the relatively new XML policy editor is intended to provide a superset of CPD capabilities, allowing all the same capabilities and also many more, and hopefully in a more intuitive way.

So I / we encourage using XML going forward in lieu of CDP.



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