Schedule Job needs a Run Now option

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For many table displays such as issue details, one of the action widgets is "Schedule Job".  This is very handy since one can select all or some of the listed devices and run a script on them.  But Schedule Job does not have a "Run Now" time selection choice.  Instead, one must change the default selection from Weekly to Once, then look at the current time of day, and type that into the Time field, carefully getting the syntax exactly right including case (PM, not pm).  Finally one can proceed to submit the desired job.  If the entered time happens to be one minute off (NetMRI's time just advanced), the job doesn't run -- it remains scheduled, for a time in the past.

I'm amazed that after all these years, a Run Now choice still doesn't exist.

There is a tool/option to

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There is a tool/option to Execute Job. However which is exactly what you are looking for. It does the same a run now. The only issue is it requires the level 3 script permission, because they assume the only script you would want to run now is the ad hoc batch script. I think there NEEDS to be an option to allow a basic tech to be able to find a device and run a script on the device without scheduling or having to go to thru the configuration management tab. For example we have a script that our desktop teams runs for basic moves/add/changes. It has saved me a lot of time no longer having to make the normal changes and lets them do this when they need it. However because they can't run level 3 scripts they can't do this from the device viewer, or even a list of devices. So yes I agree this would be very helpful.


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On the Issue Details screen, try pressing the "Execute command for selected issues" button (looks like an old fashion VCR Play button) after selecting the desired rows. This will launch the Run Now Job Wizard and default to the Ad Hoc Command Batch, but you can select another script if you want as well.


- Chris


Button is misnamed

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Thanks Chris.  Jeff Cook pointed that out a couple weeks ago and I didn't get back to thank him for that tip.  It never occurred to me that "execute command" would really mean "run script".  In the Tools section, there is an "execute command" option and it does exactly that -- one command.

But Jeff's other point is quite valid.  I haven't tried to reproduce it, but allowing one to select any other script besides Ad Hoc but not actually being able to run them because of being pre-restricted to level 3 doesn't make much sense.

Re: Button is misnamed

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Marty and team, There is now a "run now" button for existing jobs.

I'm not sure whether this was before you wrote the post, or after, but we recently added the "run now" button on the bottom of Job editors.  Thus, you can create a job, define the devices, enter all the variable values, etc.  to create the job, then at any time go back to the job screen, select "view/edit" for the job, then choose 'run now' on the bottom.


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